To serve the best of British beef we’re always looking to work with suppliers who share our passion. Warrendale Wagyu, one of the largest wagyu herds in the UK, work closely with farmers, rearers & growers to create the very best Wagyu & we’re incredibly excited to be serving their beef as Guest Breed cuts at Chop House.

The term “Wagyu” means “Japanese Cow” & were first introduced into Japan in the 2nd century to provide power for the cultivation of rice. The breed was confined to Japan until the 1970’s as it was & still is regarded as a national treasure. These days they are raised with one goal in mind: supreme flavour & is exported across the world. The striking characteristic is the high amount of marbling through the beef which is achieved through a slow process. The fattening period is longer & Wagyu cows eat plentifully & frequently. This marbling has a low melting point so, when cooked it literally melts resulting in a juicy & tender steak with an intense, rich beef flavour. Cooking over our charcoal grill adds a smokiness to the beef creating an unforgettable steak.

We’ll be serving up Guest Breed Warrendale Wagyu fillet & rib-eye cuts from Thursday 26th July at Chop House Bruntsfield, Leth & Market St.

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