St. Hallet Shiraz Wine Tasting

For our next series of November wine tasting events we’re delighted to showcase a trio of Shiraz wines, produced by St. Hallet of Australia.

Australia produces some of the the finest wines in the New World. With a land mass of more than 7.5 million sq km, you could fit England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland into Australia 30 times & still have space for more. It's therefore no surprise that climates & topography are varied, dictating their style of wines. The best wine-producing regions are located in the south of the country, an area that produces most of the country’s wine & boasts some of it’s oldest vines. The dry, hot climate ripens grapes fully, making bold, dense & concentrated wines.

Shiraz is king in the South, particularly in the Barossa Valley which is rich in viticultural history. Established in 1944 by the Linder Family, St Hallett represents the very spirit & soul of winemaking in the Barossa. Over this time, it has grown, changed & reinvented itself to achieve a rare distinction as one of Australia’s most respected wine brands. For most of that time it was owned, or part owned, by one family, the pioneering Lindners, who arrived in the Barossa from Silesia in 1838. More than 70 years on from these humble beginnings, St Hallett has established a reputation for making wines with exceptional quality & character. From the beginning, St Hallett understood the importance of saving old vines & focusing on varieties that thrive in the Barossa region – particularly Shiraz. Over the years, St Hallett has built up a deep understanding of the rich tapestry of vineyard sites and climates in the Barossa. With this came an appreciation & understanding of local growers, the finest vines & highest-quality parcels of fruit the Barossa can offer. By tailoring fermentation & maturation to each parcel, the St Hallett winemakers reveal the rich textures, depth and diversity of Barossa wine, as it should be.

For our wine tastings we will sample their Butchers Cart, Gamekeeper’s & Faith. Three fantastic Shiraz wines which will be paired with bites off our charcoal grill. These events are complimentary & to request yours email

Chop House Market St. - Tuesday 20th
Chop House Bruntsfield - Wednesday 21st
Chop House Leith - Thursday 22nd

All are a 7pm start.


Chop House

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