This bank holiday weekend we’re delighted to have an extra special guest breed from Aberdeenshire Highland Beef. A small boutique supplier who specialise in 100% pure pedigree highland beef & the meat is outstanding.

Based in Deeside, rural Aberdeenshire, farmer Grace Noble shares our incredible passion for producing the best of British beef. Her highland cattle live outdoors on the hills of Cairn O’ Mount happily withstanding the best & worst of the Scottish conditions. Foraging on an abundance of mixed grasses, flowers, heather & trees their habitat couldn’t be more idyllic for this majestic, native breed. Their diet is supplemented with natural minerals to ensure they are kept in top condition & ensure the texture & flavour of the beef is of prime quality.

Aberdeenshire Highland Cattle offer complete transparency throughout the farming process; rearing the cattle & producing the beef to the highest ethical & environmental standards. This ethos is at the heart of what we do here at Chop House & we’re thrilled to have this in stock for you to enjoy this bank holiday weekend. Our highland cattle guest breed is available as a full fillet & chateaubriand sharing cut at Chop House Bruntsfield, Leith & Market St. Edinburgh. 

In addition to this we also have Glenarm Estate Shorthorn from Hannan Meats, the best beef supplier in Ireland. They achieve the highest quality of beef though fastidious sourcing of the best farmers, painstaking attention to detail at every stage of the process & years of experience. This incredible dedication & passion has resulted in the Glenarm Shorthorn Beef Scheme of which they are a stakeholder & founding partner.

All of their beef is extra-aged in their Himalayan salt chamber - a 12ft wall of 1000 hand-cut Himalayan rock salt bricks, sourced from the Himalayas in Pakistan's Punjab region, to dry-age the meat. Himalayan salt is exceptional in terms of purity & it’s flavour-enhancing qualities & over a 28-45 day period, it concentrates the flavour of meat, seals the natural juices & purifies the air in the room, producing totally unique, sweet, flavoursome, multi-award winning beef. Their achievements include 2 Golds in the 2017 World Steak Challenge & Supreme Champion in the 2016 Great Taste Awards. Impressive to say the least.

To enjoy our speciality guest breed cuts this weekend reserve your table now & enjoy a bank holiday steak feast.

We hope you have a great weekend. 

Chop House

Bruntsfield x Leith x Market St. 

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