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We recently caught up with Emma O’Bryen, manager of Vino Wines Waverley (our new Chop House Market Street neighbour) to talk wine, wine and more wine. 

So Emma, how long have you worked with Vino Wines?

I joined the company in April of this year (2016). I then worked in each of the other 4 Vino’s briefly to learn more about the business, wines & customers before we opened Vino at The Arches in June. 

And when did your love for wine start?

Wine has always been in the family. My dad works for premium wine supplier Hatch Mansfield so I’ve been around great wines all my life. When I was old enough to enjoy them I learnt more and more. I would help out at wine tastings with my dad and got to sample them myself and that’s when my passion really started. There’s so much to learn about wine.

What is your favourite wine and why?

Tough question but I’ll say Errazuriz Cabernet Sauvignon, Don Maximiano Estate, 2013. Lucky for me it's currently on promotion at Vino for £40.95 down from £53.95 so I've been stocking up for Christmas! It’s full bodied with thick fruit, smooth tannins and stands up well to the food I enjoy. As you learn more about wine you naturally learn more about food pairing and how important it is. 

Have you witnessed any current trends in wine?

We’ve noticed a resurgence in European wines over last few years. Wine producers are travelling more across the world to see other producers processes and taking the best parts and applying them to their own wine making process. European wine producers are using stainless steel vats more, modernising the process, and giving them more control over the final product. 

People are also happy to spend a bit more on quality wine as they are more educated on good wines. We run free, weekly drop in wine tastings here usually on a midweek evening 5.30-7pm which people are very receptive to as they get the chance to learn about and taste some fantastic wines. Keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter for more details. We’ve also got our Winter Wine Tasting event this Thursday 24th November at Summerhall where we will have over 150 wines as well as the best of our beers and spirits on show. Tickets are available on-line at or in any of our shops. 

What wine do see becoming more popular?

The popularity of Prosecco has increased awareness of sparkling wines in general. Cava too is making a come back and will continue to over the festive period. Over the years we’ve seen organic and natural wines becoming more popular. Biodynamic wines really interest me and involve things like lunar cycles, different natural soils and fertilisers. It’s all about going back to the traditional way of how wines were made. It’s amazing how slight variations in these factors can affect the wine.

Do you have any personal recommendations for our readers?

With Christmas and New Year coming up a great champagne is the Taittinger Brut Reserve NV 2008 which won the Fizz Festival Peoples Choice for Best Champagne 2016. La Lumiere Corbieres 2013 is a beautiful red wine we sell as is the Piemonte Barbera if you’re looking for a bargain. 

Do you have any favourite arches businesses?

The whole arches development is fantastic however we tend to find ourself most in our neighbours either side of us. Baba Budan and yourselves, the Chop House. I love the Corkage Club offer you run each week and it’s a great excuse to take along a nice bottle that’s been siting in the rack at home or to buy one and get a great saving due to the corkage.

Plans for Vino?

We have 5 Vino’s at the moment and the plan is to focus on them for now however we would like to expand into Glasgow in the future. We are also focusing more on the events side off the business. Our bespoke wedding packages prove popular as people are not restricted to the wines available at the venue and most places will offer corkage. For venues that do not have a licensed bar we can also supply wines, beers, spirits etc with free glass hire and free delivery. 

What do you do on your day off?

I like to enjoy the restaurants and bars Edinburgh has to offer. There seems to be a new place opening up every week so it’s important to know where’s good to go so we can recommend places to our customers. It’s also interesting to see what other people are doing with food & drink and get some fresh ideas. 

Emma, thank you very much for your time!

Facebook: Vino Waverley

Instagram: @vinowaverley

Twitter: @VinoWaverley

Arch 14 East Market Street, Edinburgh

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