Dry Aged Beef - What & Why?

The terms ‘dry aging’ & ‘dry aged beef’ get used a lot today however what does it actually mean? Let’s start with the main question of why do we dry age beef in the first place? Aging is employed to improve two major meat characteristics - taste & tenderness.

There’s quite a bit of science to the process as dry-aging breaks down the collagen enzymes which holds the muscle fibres together. It’s these enzymes that can make a steak tough so once broken down you’re left with all the protein which is very tender & flavoursome. We dry age all of our beef in-house using state of the art dry agers which give us full control over the process & length of time the beef spends dry-aging for.

Chop House beef has been dry-aged for a minimum of 35 days & we regularly serve Guest Breed cuts which have been dry-aged for 90+ days. Himalayan salt slabs inside the Dry Agers remove excess moisture so all the flavour is concentrated into a more intense beef flavour. Once the beef has reached it’s desired dry aged level our butchery trained chefs skilfully butcher down the big cut, removing the inedible exterior, into sharing & single cuts, ready to be cooked on the charcoal grill.

The full process takes time however it’s necessary in serving the best beef. Dry-aging & butchering in-house means we can serve cuts which are fresh out the dry ager that day so all that incredible flavour is retained for you to enjoy.

To enjoy our range of dry aged steaks book a visit to a Chop House today.

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