Although quality steak is at the heart of the Chop House, our drinks offering is of equal importance and gets just as much focus and attention. As they say.....great food requires great drinks! Our extensive wine list from around the world covers both old and new world wine however it is in our cocktails we really get to have fun. Cocktails are hugely important to the Chop House and a key part of our drinks offer. Other bars and restaurants may stock similar beer and wine however it is through our cocktail list we can show our creative side and stand out from the crowd. The Chop House bar team are constantly hard at work coming up with new ideas on how to make delicious cocktails. It’s sometimes hard to keep up!

Our signature Bone Dry Martini cocktail is a great example! Reyka vodka gently infused with bone marrow is mixed up with pink peppercorn and dry vermouth. The thought of it raises a few eyebrows but once you try it you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Especially if you’re a martini drinker and even more so if you like it a bit dirty. If however fruity and refreshing is more your preference there’s a great selection of those too! The Stonestreet Swizzle with Disaronno Amaretto, Ketel 1 Citron vodka, raspberry, lime and Angostura bitters with a fluffy cloud of candy floss on top ticks the boxes……and it looks incredible!

Those who have enjoyed brunch with us over the weekend may be familiar with our St. Mary cocktail. It’s our twist on the traditional Bloody Mary but with added flavour through our Chop House spice mix and mushroom infused vodka. Mushroom vodka gives it an extra savoury flavour profile and a longer finish however the flavour of mushroom is not too prominent or overpowering.  

Whether your preference is sweet, savoury, straight up or refreshing our passionate bar staff will be able to create the perfect cocktail for you.

We’ll see you at the bar!!

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