Our new Chop House Summer Ale has arrived! Brewed exclusively by our team at Drygate Brewery this crisp, citrusy and hop heavy brew is a great addition to the bar. What’s more this refreshing ale arrives just in time for the launch of Market Street Chop House.

Each Chop House brew is made exclusively to a recipe we create in collaboration with the team at Drygate. The process starts by meeting the brew team and agreeing the flavour profile of our new brew. With summer in mind we selected malts that would create a sweet base and hops that would add fresh tropical, citrus notes. It’s not just the recipe we’re involved in, the team get their hands dirty too! First we weigh out the malts before adding them to the fermentation tank. The mix is then heated to break down the starch into sugar. Our chosen hops are added before the wort (sugar liquid extracted during brewing process) is strained. Finally the yeast is added and the liquid is left to brew for a few more days.

 Summer Ale is our third beer and we have selected some great malt to add to the flavour; pale malt, caramalt and oats are used alongside a selection of unique hops. The end product is golden yellow in colour with hints of citrus and orange.  It has a pronounced hoppy bitterness and is packed with flavour. Chop House Summer Ale - best enjoyed with sunshine.

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