Cooking over fire & flame dates back to the dawn of mankind. Perhaps the most primitive & simple form of cooking it’s still one of the most popular. Why? Cooking over fire & smoke can make food taste even better.

We cook all our steaks over charcoal using two different methods. At Chop House Leith we use a charcoal grill which is essentially an indoor barbecue. Chop House Market St. & Bruntsfield use a Josper Grill which combines charcoal grill with oven cooking resulting in incredible temperatures in excess of 300 degrees celsius. Although slightly different the end result is the same - steaks cooked with a naturally smoky flavour & lightly charred exterior. When cooking steaks this way the fat drips on to the coals underneath helping create this beautiful char & texture. Cooking in the Josper Grill uses the same methodology however the charcoal grill is contained in an oven styled environment.

It takes great skill to cook using these methods with each type of steak cut commanding a different level of cooking. Single cuts such as the fillet, sirloin rib-eye & rump require less cooking times but higher temperatures than our bigger sharing cuts of chateaubriand, bone in-rib & porterhouse. These mighty cuts cook for longer at lower temperatures due to the thicker cut.

Whatever your steak preference rest assured it’s had the Chop House charcoal cooking treatment. Cooking over fire & flame may be the oldest method known to man & we aim to keep that tradition going.

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