£12 Hanger Steak Lunch Offer

Like all of our steaks, this cut is also chargrilled over an open-flamed, giving the beef an added smokey flavour. There are various ways to cook the hanger steak, but no matter how it's cooked, this cut of beef is best cooked medium-rare or medium, no more, no less. Why? - Unlike the ribeye, which generally will remain pretty tender & juicy at medium or beyond, a hanger steak, has a very coarse texture with grain running through it. Therefore, anywhere above medium will make this cut too rubbery to chew. 

At Chop House we've introduced a real steak lunch treat with our Hanger Steak & Fries offer served Monday to Friday available at Available at Chop House Bruntsfield & Market St. (12-4pm) & Chop House Leith (12-3pm). 

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