Provenance plays a key role in the Chop House! Where we source our beef and how it is treated is very important to us as we believe it has a huge  impact on the quality of the steak. Before we launched the original the Chop House we travelled all over Scotland, visiting the finest artisan beef suppliers and hunting for a supplier that matched our ethos. Shaws Fine Meats impressed with their obvious passion for supplying beef of the highest quality. Founded in 1828, Shaws Fine Meats is a fourth generation family butcher that prides itself on sourcing cattle from the local market.

A few weeks ago our team visited Shaws at their butchery in Lauder in the Scottish Boarders. We regularly take our staff to meet the master butcher and take part in a hands-on demonstration, this gives them a respect for the beef and allows them to offer great advice on the various cuts and flavours we offer. Master Butcher Euan explained how they personally select their livestock from a small number of trusted farms in Lauder and the Lothians. Buying directly from the same farmers at market regularly, results in a consistently excellent product which, of course, is fully traceable back to the farm.

For our restaurant to be successful we need to be certain that the beef we sell is of the very best quality. Tasty, juicy and tender meat that has been treated with respect at every step of the process is a vital ingredient in our menu! We are proud to work with Shaws and firmly believe they are one of the best butchers in the country.

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