Chop House Festive Feast

An important part of the Chop House experience is without doubt the sharing culture we have instilled in to our food offering. From the individual starter items that allow to you to try one or two of each through to our sharing cuts of steaks and our new salted caramel fondue, all have been created with sharing in mind. 

When it came to the Christmas menu we knew we wanted to encourage this sharing ethos and create a homely dinner feel with big cuts of meat and sides being enjoyed by the whole table. We recently caught up with Chop House Leith Head Chef Johnny Cook to find out more about a few of the dishes on our Festive Feast menu that has proved very popular. 

A stand out starter has been the chilli glazed ribs. Johnny explains how and why they taste so good. 

“The ribs are dry rubbed in paprika, onion & garlic powder, a little bit of sugar & seasoned with salt & pepper. We make a mirepoix with cut vegetables which is the base for the sauce. The ribs are then slow cooked for 5 hours in the sauce with chillies, coca-cola syrup & white wine. The liquid is then removed and reduced to make the glaze. The combination of the tender meat through slow cooking and the sticky glaze & chilli flakes makes it really delicious dish and great way to start your meal.” 

For main, the honey glazed ham hock also goes through a long and careful process to ensure a mouth watering end result. 

“After soaking over night in peppercorns, bay leaves & water to draw out any excess salt the ham is slow cooked, again with mirepoix, star anise and thyme for 5-6 hours. The bone is then removed and the ham is rolled into a ballottine. The liquid is removed and reduced with cider and added to our house made burnt onion gravy. The ham is then cooked in this sauce & glaze for a further 45 minutes with some clear honey on top. Like the ribs, the texture and flavour of the ham is superb"

And no meal is complete without dessert. 

“Our chocolate brownie is delicious but its the burnt marmalade cream that makes it special. We chargrill oranges on the open flame charcoal grill then use the zest and combine with cream, mascarpone, vanilla & sugar. The orange juice is then drizzled over the brownie and cream. A great way to end a meal” 

Due to the preparation time involved, Festive Feast bookings need to be made 48 hours in advance as a lot of care and attention goes into each Christmas booking. Add a few nice bottles of wine and some cocktails and you’ve got a fantastic dinner to enjoy with friends & family. 

We hope you have a great Christmas & New Year and hope to see you soon for a memorable Chop House experience. 


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